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Land plan for subdivisions

With an award-winning history that spans over 100 years, BK/Dominion is a recognized leader in the land development industry. Responsible for the development of some of Michigan’s most desirable master planned communities; high quality residential subdivisions; multi-family developments; commercial office buildings and shopping centers; industrial high tech facilities and parks; and urban and suburban mixed-use properties, Dominion Construction Services is a true expert in the development industry.

Successful land development is a complex process that requires a comprehensive and strategic approach that begins with a solid understanding of the residential, commercial and industrial markets. Once understood, the process requires the analysis and appropriate selection of development sites; proper land planning and building product selection; a recognition and sensitivity to environmental considerations; a knowledge of local, state and national regulations; and the ability to successfully navigate through local zoning, site plan approval and community outreach entitlement procedures. Once the entitlement processis complete, highly technical engineering expertise in such areas as land balancing and infrastructure installation is required to successfully complete the land development process.

Going far beyond just the procedural aspects of the development process, the highly skilled Dominion team has earned a reputation for integrity, honesty and performance within thereal estate industry, a reputation which has helped foster strong working relationships, credibility and trust with investors, municipal staff, elected officials, stakeholders and opinion makers in every market. Dominion Construction Services has become a unique leader in the land development industry based on its reputation and broad real estate perspective, gained through the completion of numerous projects and earned from decades of successful site selection, planning and project development through challenging physical, economic and political conditions.

We would be happy to discuss how Dominion Construction Services can help you achieve your land development objectives.

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